Ali Michael shot by Petra Collins for Oyster Magazine.

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Rai Robledo


Rai Robledo

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i’m sorry i was watching this scene and omg jorah’s fucking face the whole time



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»before after birth death« by rimma gerlovina


»before after birth death« by rimma gerlovina

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神木 - Shin Mok
30” x 40” | Oil and collage on canvas.
by Soey Milk

神木 - Shin Mok

30” x 40” | Oil and collage on canvas.

by Soey Milk


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Uli Knoerzer



our mothers did not read us Kerouac
or Salinger or Hemingway. our bodies are
glasses of warm milk left on windowsill,
our legs are roots we spent lifetimes taming.
our bodies are ants collecting, our bodies are
late winters and monsoon rains.

our mothers taught us silence,
taught us how to mend the ache
of tearing skin on knuckle, but never
how not to tear it in the first place.
how to bow our heads so that our necks
would not ache afterwards, but never
to not bow, never to not have to.

we grew up denting our knees in God’s name but
didn’t learn the word Goddess until fifth grade,
when Mrs. Kapoor wore red silk sari to school
and smiled like Calcutta sun and told us there were
women with sitars in their blue hands and oiled braids
at their necks and universes spinning
in the smalls of their backs.

we asked if stories were ever written on brown paper.
we asked why you had to wait a generation of dust
or put a book to a lit match for it to turn the color
of our skin. we asked if there were places
to put our fingers too. they never answered
so we tied them into knots
and locked them into our laps.

we have read our Kerouac. we have read our Salinger
and Hemingway. we have read our journeys and
more than our feet have tread upon these rocks
and these roads and swum in these rapids and rivers.

we have drowned here, survived here, coughed up
entire histories here. we have chafed our palms
and our elbows and our shoulders here. we raise
daughters here.

we raise daughters here. we teach them the word
Goddess at the same time as the word


"Fifth Grade History" by Ramna S.  (via klytsjko)

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